At Portland Road, we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products. The process begins when raw aggregate is extracted from the ground at our 40-acre quarry in Clackamas, Oregon. The material is washed, crushed, size-separated to exact specifications, and stockpiled for later use as roadway material, structural fill, trench backfill, and drainage material. Much of the crushed aggregate is used in our asphaltic concrete, which is produced in our 10,000 pound capacity batch plant. We have the ability to manufacture a multitude of different asphaltic concrete mixes, ranging from a course-blended ODOT Level III, 3/4" Dense Superpave mix to a very fine-blended 3/8" tennis court mix. Although we have the ability to produce as much as 250,000 tons each year, we always focus on quality first and quantity second.

In addition to materials that we produce, we accept clean, inert fill from construction sites (please see our Landfill Operations section). We also stock a variety of other materials, including crushed reject rock, masonry sand, CSS-1 bitumals, landscape materials, used jersey barriers and ecology blocks, and more. For information about current material inventory and pricing, see us at the following locations or email us at customerservice@portlandroadinc.com.

  • Main Office
    • 10500 S.E. Jennifer Street Clackamas, Oregon 97015
    • Phone (503) 650-5006
  • Asphalt Plant And Crushing Facility
    • 10960 S.E. Jennifer Street Clackamas, Oregon 97015
    • Phone (503) 650-5006
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