Header Aggregate

We produce and inventory several types of natural and crushed aggregate at our facility in Clackamas, Oregon. We begin our production by mining raw material that was deposited into the Clackamas valley during the Pleistocene Epoch over a million years ago. The material is extracted from the ground and hauled to the crusher where it is washed and size-separated. The smaller sand particles and round rock are removed and stockpiled, while the larger rock is crushed, size-separated to the desired specifications and then stockpiled for later use.

3/4" X 0"

3/4" X 0" Crushed Rock

Most commonly used as base rock, trench backfill, and gravel roadways and driveways.

1/4" X 0"

1/4" X 0" Crushed Rock

The smallest of asphalt plant rock is also used for gravel pathways.

1/2" X 1/4"

1/2" X 1/4" Crushed Rock

This mid-sized asphalt plant rock is also used for smaller French Drain backfill. Since this rock is crushed, it offers more structural stability when used in place of pea gravel in shallow trenches.

3/4" X 0"

3/4" X 1/2" Crushed Rock

The largest of asphalt plant rock.

Fill Sand

Natural Fill Sand

This natural sand is a by-product of the crushing process and typically includes materials sizes from 1/4" to dust. It is often used in 3-way topsoil blends, utility bedding and backfill, and water-settled backfill around manholes, abandoned in-ground tanks, foundations, etc...

Drain Rock

1 1/2" X 1/2" Round Drain Rock

This rock is most often used in French Drain systems that require a material that is easily installable and contains high air voids for quick water distribution. It is also used as a maintenance free landscape cover.